Our Story

A Passion For Beer

Bo Gurks

For Bo Gurks the dream was started by a group of lifelong friends backpacking through Europe at the end of the second millennium. While sitting in a traditional Irish Pub, that served traditional Thai food, in an Arsenal stronghold, outside the gates of Pentonville prison in North London. Bo Gurks walked through the door, sat down and joined the conversation. The conversation was of shared and individual experiences, ideas discovered and relationships formed whilst treading unmade paths in remote locations around the world.

Bo Gurks became the time spent sitting in the company of new and old friends. Sharing experiences, laughter and tears. Who is Bo Gurks? What is Bo Gurks? In summary Bo Gurks is a vibe. A space for sharing good times over the finest craft beers- labels both familiar and unfamiliar, and damn good pizzas. Not to mention the takeaways to keep the good times rolling along….

A love of Independent craft beers, spirits and wines produced in Australia is the motivation for creating a place where people can come and try a vast range of products from hard working businesses from all corners of the great country, Australia

These are the dedicated artisans creating the traditional flavours we love, pushing the boundaries of existing styles, as well as constantly searching for and creating the new ones.

The big commercial breweries follow slowly along behind these pioneers and while we tip our hat to the international conglomerates that mass produce our beloved beverages, those profits head overseas. We need the dollars here to support our own vibrant producers so we can ensure a healthy industry that is able to keep creating and providing us with our favourite tipple whatever it may be.

The only internationally owned products at Bo Gurks will be ones where there is not a locally made version of equal or better quality. Made in Australia from the people of Australia. Supporting locals, no matter what part of this great country they are from.

Bo Gurks trekked from the high country in Victoria, to the tip of Cape York, to the Ginger Beer capital in Broome, then followed the West coast South to Albany. We headed back East across the Nullarbor to our beloved Mornington Peninsula and sailed on South to the Apple isle. The produce we bring together to enjoy at Bo Gurks is from these places and everywhere in-between.

Owner & Beer Connoisseur

Jarred Turnbull

I have a passion for people, food, great beers and excellent customer service.

My dream now and always has been to open my own bar, to serve amazing food, and great tasting independent craft beer, wine and liquor in an atmosphere where people from the local community and from afar can meet and enjoy Bo Gurks.

I hope you can come and join me for beer, some great food, and the great times ahead.

Jarred Turnbull